This 11-year-old boy creates plastic & paper substitute from banana leaves that can hold significant weight – Sustainability Champions


Tenith Adithyaa was just 11 years old when he saw farmers in his neighboring village throwing heaps of banana leaves into the trash bin. When he asked the
farmers why they were doing so, their answer was, “We have no use for the the wilted leaves.

At 20 he found a way to make the banana leaves strong and resistant enough to be used in place of plastic, and thus his unique Banana Leaf Preservation Technology was born.

Banana Leaf Technology enhances cells, strengthens cell walls of leaves and prevents pathogenic agents from destroying the cells. The processed bio-material produced from this technology is totally chemical-free, can be used as animal fodder, is cost-effective and 100% bio-degradable and goes back into nature when discarded in 28 days.

The preserved banana leaves are actually enhanced on a cellular level, which gives them their extraordinary qualities. In addition to being stretchable and crushable, the leaves are able to bear significant loads.

He has also tested them in a wide temperature range, from well below freezing to above boiling. The uses are virtually endless. Tanith’s technology is currently capable of producing more than 30 products like an ice-cream cone, envelope, gift wrap, plates, spoons, cups among others.



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