Friends, Gentle appeal,

its high time, we should understand that ,we are directly or indirectly responsible for
each and every death, problems, solutions, happiness., crisis.. happening around us.
It’s our karma…

We may ignore it… but can’t always run away from our duties.

Now, it’s our turn to help our covid warriors, our nation.

Do the best you are supposed to do according to government’s instructions ,
Be self disciplined ,don’t try to over smart Corona.

And the most important as a group, as a society we should come together, leaving all the egos , politics..
..and sanitize our area with hypochlorite spray.

This is the time. Don’t wait for the government to do the sanitization , now really, they don’t have manpower..

It’s a predictions, that 80 percent of us ,are going to get it. means lacks of people are going to get infected and thousands of people are going to die , only Strong among us , will survive.

No , we all should survive..

Don’t just get panic and sit at home.

Now, most important , along with other rules to follow, regular sanitization of your area is in your hands. which will, definitely help us .
Regular spraying,.. stopped rise in patients in Worli and lots of slums.

Come on , buy a machine and hypochlorite liquid, from wherever you can get it and sanitize .

It’s not at all costly.. you can definitely skip one dress around 5000 rupees..and buy it. ….
If your society is not taking any interest , please come forward and donate it yourself to your society.. for yourself.

Show the woman power.

Please for your family, for your kids, ladies.. get up and do it.
Yes, you all can do it.
Women empower.

I am always there to help and guide you for this sanitization. .

Please, become serious about this pandemic.  its becoming worse.
We will fight together and can lead a normal life very soon.

Yes, don’t get tired now at this critical time.
Come on, you can do it…
Or hire a person, or tell your watchman, but do it.

Help others to help yourself , your nation and this world.

Stay safe. Stay blessed.
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Swayam, self search.


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