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India, 2021. Here’s a couple who deserves a special mention for celebrating their honeymoon in a rather meaningful way. Just a week into their marriage, newlyweds Anudeep Hegde and Minusha Kanchan were in Anudeep’s hometown in Karnataka when their daily visit to the
Someshwara beach would give rise to an eco-friendly honeymoon idea – to clean up their local beach together !

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The couple had been noticing that the beach where Anudeep often came while growing up had transformed for the worse.

There was so much waste – mostly chappals, alcohol bottles and medicine bottles – littering the shore. So he spontaneously suggested to Minusha the idea of cleaning up the beach and she agreed without hesitation.

The clean-up happened for 11 days where the couple cleared about 600 kilos of garbage from the beach. When word got out about their clean-up drive, about 15-16
young people joined them. By that point, they had already cleaned about 70 percent of the beach. The fact that so many people were interested in the initiative surprised the

The couple continues to raise awareness and wants to become role model

for kids !



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